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Come one, come all, to Sexyman University!

The gates to the campus have finally opened on the new school year, and you (yes you!) have been accepted into the world’s first and only university for Sexymen! Join known and lovable characters such as the Onceler (The Lorax, 2012), Wheatley (Portal 2, 2011), Tony the Talking Clock (Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 2, 2014), Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls, 2012 - 2014), and Sans (Undertale, 2015) as you navigate university life, and perhaps… find someone to love?

Go to parties, get in disputes, help your friends, and interact with the students on campus as you progress through this new and exciting university life. Who needs studying when you have so many people to meet!

It’s all just a silly little visual novel cashing in on 2010s nostalgia with all the favourite characters you grew up with as a teenager... right? Nothing strange or unusual there! Certainly the mysterious headmaster of the school, the ever-elusive and secretive CEO, has absolutely nothing up his sleeve, and no secrets to hide!

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Character Previews

The Onceler

The Onceler

Yup, that's right, the original Tumblr Sexyman! The Onceler (call him Oncie!) is a new student to Sexy-U, and he wants to change the world with his new invention - the Thneed!

Sans the Skeleton


Yeah, the guy from hit indie RPG, Undertale. He's just chilling. I don't think he even has a proper major, he says he's majoring in Minecraft...? He always has really good snacks.

Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher

The illuminati triangle guy? Yeah! Why is he human? He just is, didn't you get the memo? He's happy to be here! Also very happy to cause some chaos... maybe he can help you get some perfect grades, for a deal or two!



...Oh, the deer guy. Yeah, he's there too...? Ignore him, he's painful to look at anyways.



The Headmaster of Sexy-U! He's very charming, intelligent, and articulate; well loved by students and staff alike! ...Is there more to him than meets the eye?


Though the game is still in development, many features have been drafted, to be later implemented as we progress towards completion! These include:

And many more to come!

What is the project?

Sexyversity is a collaborative game development project, created using Ren’py with the help of a team of volunteers! It is officially brought to you by the creator of the Sexypedia, and will take the form of a visual novel, in which the protagonist (that’s you!) will be able to interact with Tumblr Sexymen, characters who were a part of an internet pop culture phenomenon in the 2010s.

The project started development in March of 2021, and as of now, it is still in it’s drafting stage. However, with the help of everyone involved, Sexyversity has gone from a theoretical fantasy to a fully fledged passion project!

Q & A

Is this game going to cost money?
Nope! This game will be released for free upon completion, and the team will not be asking for money at any point in time. It is a project created by a bunch of fans who are passionate about the Tumblr Sexyman phenomenon, and wanted to create something fun with it!
Will [CHARACTER] be in the game?
Wait and see! We have many side-characters planned, but you never know who you’ll meet on campus!
When will the game be released?
Due to the nature of the fact that a majority of the team members are also students, the rate at which we can progress through game development is not very predictable. This is also the first time that a lot of people are working on developing a game, so for many, there is a lot of learning to do! There is currently no set release date.
Volunteers? Do you need more?
We have more than enough people currently working on the game, but we very much appreciate the enthusiasm in wanting to contribute!
Oh wait, you guys are serious?
Irony to sincerity pipeline. Would you believe us if we said that liking the Onceler started as a joke, a year ago? Now we're regularly discussing ways to romance him. We are writing romantic Onceler moments.
Can I buy a Thneed?
Everyone needs one, so of course!

What's a Tumblr Sexyman?

Good question!

For those who do not know, a Tumblr Sexyman is a type of character that became incredibly popular on the blogging platform Tumblr, often at incredibly disproportionate levels in comparison to other characters from the same source material. Sexymen, as the name would suggest, are considered sexy - however, this status is often questionable, in which case onlookers may suggest that the "sexy" status should be disputed. The unusual and extremely weighted fan-reaction to characters that could - by normal standards - be considered unattractive, unappealing, or uncompelling is what separates Tumblr Sexymen from regular characters that are just well-loved.

Tumblr Sexymen, as an internet phenomenon incredibly tied to media and popular culture, is not without its tropes. Other trends in characters considered Sexymen include large amounts of fanon or created characterization, often to the point where the character and the fandom-represented version of said character are wildly different; fandom injection of different narratives and personality traits into their favourite character - though widely accepted as fanon - are not often based on anything in the source material that would suggest it.

If you're looking for examples, influential figures in Sexyhistory would include: The Once-ler, Sans, Bill Cipher, Tony the Talking Clock, Nagito Komaeda, Arataka Reigen, Raymond the Cat, Geico Gecko, Wheatley, or Professor Venomous.

Notable fandom trends include the White Twink Humanization, Oncelerization, and Canon/Fanon Divergence, though there is always more to explore!

While you're here, why not familiarize yourself with the Tumblr Sexymen Wiki, or even the Tumblr Sexywoman Wiki!

Who's involved?

Though the project is a first for many, there have been many efforts made to make sure that development goes smoothly, with work divided between different parties to make sure that those with the necessary skill sets can contribute what it is they can.

The project has been divided between leads, organizers, artists, writers, and coders, each with their own respective responsibilities, as follows:

With so many people and assets to keep track of, the organizers are the ones who simply do as the name says - organize! They are directing workflow, planning, and are taking responsibility for looking at game development on a larger scale, moving things along and making managerial decisions as necessary.
Leads are those that are keeping track of progress for their designated team (artists, writers, coders, etc), and are responsible for assigning work, checking quality, and organizing assets to make sure that things are up to standard, and that people are meeting deadlines.
These are the team of people who are working on sprites and other visual assets! Though sprites are the current priority, the artists are also working on backgrounds, as well as GUI elements for the game.
The backbone to a visual novel project, the writers are the ones who are writing the game; of course, this means that they are writing the script and all the dialogue, but it also means they are keeping track of routes and alternate answers, and how they impact the story as it progresses.
Coders are the people who are making the game happen! They are working closely with the artists and writers to not only implement what it is they create, but are also designing and creating the mechanics for the game, and are crucial to the success of the project.


You can find us at the following: